Getting back in the saddle

It is good to be out there again and performing and I am very happy to announce that things are moving again. In the Summer we have performed;

  • Magic shows at birthday parties again (in large halls and gardens).
  • Magic and made balloons at holiday parks.
  • Storytelling online and for visitors to Conwy.
  • Punch and Judy in Conwy and for schools summer clubs.
  • Storywalks at two country parks and prepared them both.
  • Town crying and bubble shows.
  • Table magic for a 40th birthday.
  • And much much more…

If you’ve missed this so far then you should be following us on Facebook or Twitter. There’s lots coming up including,

  • Ghostwalks and Spookshows
  • School Mathemagic Shows
  • Birthday parties.
  • Live Storytelling.
  • And visits from a very special person at Christmas.

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