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He knows exactly what is required and puts on an extremely entertaining show.  – Ysgol y Llys

In September…

  • 20200617_183106 (2)Do you want a fun way to teach your pupils about hygiene?
  • Do you want a school show with social distancing as an inclusive element?
  • Do you want to present scientific concepts in a practical way they can recreate in their own time?
  • Do you want a hands on workshop which cleans as it goes on?
  • Do you want a 5% discount on sustainable bubble equipment for your school and your parents?

You want to learn Bubblology with Professor Llusern!

Professor Llusern, the Welsh Children’s Magician, has been studying with performers in Canada and Israel to develop a unique new show. A show that we believe, in the new year, will allow us to come and visit schools as a part of normal life once again.

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Fun, hygienic and full of teaching opportunities.

What is better than bubbles in a party or on a sunny day in the garden? Children running, jumping and popping! Bubbles on our hands as we wash them and sing Happy Birthday again! Bubbles in the bath and bubbles in the surf, bubbles are everywhere! But did you know that bubbles protect us? The science behind bubbles is surprisingly complex and interesting and a fantastic way to foster an interest in science in children.

In a bubble

The children will always remember the day Professor Llusern put their teacher in a giant bubble!

Bubblology is available as a traditional show, a practical workshop, or a combination of the two.

The children will learn,

  • Hygiene
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Art
  • The Environment

Adapted for presenting to KS1, 2 and 3! And there will be plenty of opportunity for lively photographs for your social media, newsletters and website.

This is a fun event with an important message about hygiene and keeping safe during the pandemic.

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Professor Llusern is an ambassador for sustainable supplier Dr Zigs, original which means you can have a 5% discount for your school and parents on their premium bubble products! Either at the end of the show or afterwards online.

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