ELBE2_PWoAI1MR2A unique show that teaches mathematical concepts to KS2 through tricks and fun!

How would you like a chance to introduce your pupils to maths concepts in a fun and interesting way? Trust a performer with years of experience performing in schools across North Wales.

This was much more than a simple magic show. – Teacher, Yr. 5.

This show includes fun ideas including;

  • How magicians use patterns to make items vanish.D_gvj0pWwAAVsW6
  • How probability effects the ability to deduce a padlock combination.
  • How your times tables can help you look through solid objects.
  • Why finding a card in a deck is almost impossible due to conditional probability.
  • How to use exploit a quirk of the number 99 to read a person’s mind.
  • The miracle that is a magic square.

To support the show there is also a Mathemagic handout for them to learn to use maths to recreate some of the miracles of the show and an education pack with lesson plans and activities based on the content of the show. These are available digitally or as hard copies.

The mathematical element was clear and present in all aspects of this presentation.  – Maths Coordinator, Flint

What do your pupils receive?

  • D_gbSI8XoAYw3MeA chance to see maths being used in a fun way.
  • A chance to learn about mathematical concepts in a highly memorable show.
  • A chance to learn how to use maths themselves to perform amazing magic tricks.
  • A chance to take the lessons and examples home with them to strengthen their use of mathematics. .

What do you need to provide?

  • A digital projector or screen for the show.
  • An eager audience of KS2 pupils.
  • That’s all!


We are familiar with the difficulties facing many schools at the moment therefore we offer a number of packages to suit every budget. Contact us through this form.

We re-book Professor Llusern time after time. – Headteacher, Treuddyn