Retaining the Crown

Last week was the annual Mental Magic Competition at the North Wales Magic Circle, a contest which focuses on Psychological Illusions, Thought Reading and other Mind Games. This was particularly important for me as I was defending my title, as you might recall if you happened to read this post from last year. Once more I was up against the crème de la crème of magicians with over a hundred years of combined experience set against me, but I dug in my heels and went, once more, with a spooky themed set.

magic competitoin winner 2Last year the set up was a séance, this year was a lecture and demonstration from a famed occultist, drawing heavily from Hammer Horror and referencing everything from Lovecraft, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the 1957 film, Night of the Demon.  I demonstrated the ancient art of prophecy, or at least seemed to, for the length of the act predicting random outcomes, and placing memories in other people’s minds. I even managed to finish on a song (beat that Derren Brown)!

magic competition winner 1And thankfully, I managed to retain my title of Mental Magician of the Year for another… erm year. I enjoyed the preparation and script-writing, and salute my competitors Chris, Paul and Jay, who did not make it easy for me! Let’s see what next year will bring.

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One thought on “Retaining the Crown

  1. Llongyfarchiadau mawr ichi ar eich llwyddiant eto eleni.
    Cawsom y fraint o’ch cyfarfod yng nghanolfan Awelon, Rhuthun, fis Rhagfyr diwetha pan roeddech yn
    cynnal eich sioe ym mharti penblwydd fy wyres, Ela, oedd yn 5 oed.
    Cawsom i gyd, plant a’r rhieni, prynhawn i’w gofio yn eich cwmni…. arbennig iawn !
    Pob dymuniad da i’r dyfodol.
    Mayda Morris, Yr Wyddgrug.

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