Professor Llusern’s Trickle Treat Show

Can’t go out to Trick or Treat, Stay in and Trickle Treat instead!

Professor Llusern’s annual Halloween show, seen at venues around North Wales in the run up to Halloween, is moving online!

Take your children’s minds off going out with a fun event indoors! A new Halloween tradition! Laughs, fun, silliness, games and lots and lots of magic.

  • Affordable and Covid-19 safe.
  • Avoid upsetting vulnerable neighbours.
  • Keep out of the rain and cold!

Professor Llusern brings the Tricks, you bring the Treats!

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My New Favourite Review

When you book me for a birthday, christening, fete or any other kind of event, I always ask for a testimonial afterwards. And my wonderful, wonderful bookers are always generous in their praise. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, this review arrived the other day after a christening.

We booked the professor for the entertainment at my daughter’s christening. He was fantastic! There was a delay at the venue with the buffet and he kept the children entertained and busy. His show was great, really funny! The children absolutely loved it and ranged from babies to 8 years. The magic, jokes and balloons were brilliant. So glad we booked him and we will be booking again. Highly recommended.

Reading between the lines here, much as this describes what went on, I think it and the other reviews on my testimonials page are actually talking about the relief that their booking choice was a good one. What I do is less important than the peace of mind people get from a Professor Llusern booking.

Food for thought.  (and thank you Liz).

92% yw’r record.

5 seren

92% yn gwerthuso sioe Professor Llusern fel 5 seren!

5 seren

Dyna yw’r cofnod diweddaraf, mae Professor Llusern wedi derbyn 5 o farciau sêr gan y rhan helaeth o atebwyr i adborth ar ôl gweld sioeau mewn gwahanol sefyllfaoedd (gyda’r gweddill yn ymateb i 4 marc sêr).


Mae hyn yn cynnwys sioeau mewn gwahanol leoliadau o bartïon ben-blwydd i sioeau amaethyddol a gwyliau cyhoeddus ac yn y ddwy iaith, Saesneg a Chymraeg. Mae’r ymateb wedi dod o rieni ac ymwelwyr, pobl a llogodd y Professor a rhai oedd digwydd i fynd heibio. Felly mae hyn yn dangos medrwch chi ymddiried yn sioe gan Professor Llusern i blant neu oedolion. Fedrwch weld rhagor o’r adborth yma.

Diolch i bob un sydd wedi ymateb, ac mae croeso i chi ymateb hefyd yma.

92% is a new record.

5 seren

92% rate Professor Llusern as 5 stars!

5 seren

That is the latest result, Professor Llusern has received 5 stars from the majority or respondents to the feedback form after seeing the show in different circumstances (with the rest awarding 4 stars).


This includes shows in different locations from birthday parties to agricultural shows and festivals, in both English and Welsh. The feedback comes form parents and visitors, those who booked the Professor and those who happened past. Therefore this shows that you can trust in a Professor Llusern show for children o’r adults. You can see more feedback here.

Thanks to everyone who has responded already, and you are also welcome to feedback here.

Retaining the Crown

Last week was the annual Mental Magic Competition at the North Wales Magic Circle, a contest which focuses on Psychological Illusions, Thought Reading and other Mind Games. This was particularly important for me as I was defending my title, as you might recall if you happened to read this post from last year. Once more I was up against the crème de la crème of magicians with over a hundred years of combined experience set against me, but I dug in my heels and went, once more, with a spooky themed set.

magic competitoin winner 2Last year the set up was a séance, this year was a lecture and demonstration from a famed occultist, drawing heavily from Hammer Horror and referencing everything from Lovecraft, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the 1957 film, Night of the Demon.  I demonstrated the ancient art of prophecy, or at least seemed to, for the length of the act predicting random outcomes, and placing memories in other people’s minds. I even managed to finish on a song (beat that Derren Brown)!

magic competition winner 1And thankfully, I managed to retain my title of Mental Magician of the Year for another… erm year. I enjoyed the preparation and script-writing, and salute my competitors Chris, Paul and Jay, who did not make it easy for me! Let’s see what next year will bring.

#mentalmagic #competition #winner #psychologicalillusions

Through to the Final


Professor Llusern chosen as a finalist for the Merlin Festival

Carmarthen, March 25, 2017:  Welsh Magician Professor Llusern is very proud to have been chosen as one of five conjurers to represent the magic art at the Merlin Festival Magic Competition. Welsh speaking magicians are few and far between so we believe it is a positive step to see the Welsh Language being represented in this Welsh festival. Professor Llusern has been entertaining children and adults across North Wales and over the border in England with birthday shows, séances and Punch and Judy.

Professor Llusern has performed in theatre and school shows since graduating from Aberystwyth University. He has acted in every corner of the country in educational shows, pantomimes, Shakespeare and Thomas. This has fed into his other work as a primary teacher and a bit of lively storytelling or the reward of a mini magic show at the end of the day are useful strings to any teacher’s bow.

Magic has been an indispensable of his careers over the years but recently this aspect has really come to the fore. This has brought success in both in the North Wales Magic Circle Competitions and now in that of the Merlin Festival in Carmarthen.finalist


“It’s a huge, huge honour to be chosen out of all the magicians who entered to represent your local area and yourself. Of course I am nervous, but that is a good thing.  A little bit of nervouse energy can be advantageous”.

This year for the first time it was decided to arrange a street magic competition to go with the Merlin theme and the finalists will have to perform five times around the town of Carmarthen during the day. The decision was made on Friday after watching the audition videos and five finalists were selected from the whole of Wales including two from North Wales including Professor Llusern and Jay Gatling of Llandudno. It happens that the two are friends both being enthusiastic members of the North Wales Magic Circle, where Jay is currently president and the Prof is editor of the in-house magazine, The Griffin. They hope that this competition will raise awareness for the magic arts and the North Wales Magic Circle’s new youth group which started this month.

So I will be representing the North and the Welsh language at the same time. It would be great to have the support of my fellow Welsh speakers.

The competition for the Merlin Award will take place on the 25th of March in Carmarthen; if you are in the area come and see it, if not you can follow the event on the links below. Or if you know a younger person who is interested in learning some magic, go to the North Wales Magic Circle Website.

Chuffed to Bits!

Here is another slide from the Express trains series.


The introduction to the lecture runs as follows;

A story is told about an engine-driver who had no liking for the science of aeroplaning. “Talk about flying,” he said, “why, when I was out west on the Organae and Arrogant twenty years back, we just flew over the road, and sometimes our speed led to trouble. There was that time, for instance, when I tried to get level with Abe Smith. Abe always turned out to at Alicanda whenever I was running through and jeer at me. One day as I was approaching the station I saw him standing there as usual, I leaned over the side, intending to let Abe feel the weight of my fist in passing; but he saw it coming and dodged, and a big boss – Vice-President, I think – standing at Strangville, twelve miles further on, caught it instead.” The man who told this story was, of course, an American. English drivers never tell stories about their achievements, but in the matter of running at high speed many of them have little to learn from abroad.

Nothing like a bit of turn of the century banter and bravado stories, even if it is undermined by some old fashioned British anti-yank snobbery.

Like Me, in less than perfect condition.



Here is another story from the Arabian Nights, this time the less popular (at least in panto terms) of Sinbad the Sailor. Although in this case the slides seem to have been a victim of their own success. The muddy ring in the back of the image is not a mist or sludge, but rather damage from prolonged exposure to the heat of the lamp. Unfortunately all the slides in this series have suffered in the same way and are in no condition to compete with Harryhausen’s versions of the story anymore but are still interesting in their own right, if only as a curio to hear what was once a very popular story.