Through to the Final


Professor Llusern chosen as a finalist for the Merlin Festival

Carmarthen, March 25, 2017:  Welsh Magician Professor Llusern is very proud to have been chosen as one of five conjurers to represent the magic art at the Merlin Festival Magic Competition. Welsh speaking magicians are few and far between so we believe it is a positive step to see the Welsh Language being represented in this Welsh festival. Professor Llusern has been entertaining children and adults across North Wales and over the border in England with birthday shows, séances and Punch and Judy.

Professor Llusern has performed in theatre and school shows since graduating from Aberystwyth University. He has acted in every corner of the country in educational shows, pantomimes, Shakespeare and Thomas. This has fed into his other work as a primary teacher and a bit of lively storytelling or the reward of a mini magic show at the end of the day are useful strings to any teacher’s bow.

Magic has been an indispensable of his careers over the years but recently this aspect has really come to the fore. This has brought success in both in the North Wales Magic Circle Competitions and now in that of the Merlin Festival in Carmarthen.finalist


“It’s a huge, huge honour to be chosen out of all the magicians who entered to represent your local area and yourself. Of course I am nervous, but that is a good thing.  A little bit of nervouse energy can be advantageous”.

This year for the first time it was decided to arrange a street magic competition to go with the Merlin theme and the finalists will have to perform five times around the town of Carmarthen during the day. The decision was made on Friday after watching the audition videos and five finalists were selected from the whole of Wales including two from North Wales including Professor Llusern and Jay Gatling of Llandudno. It happens that the two are friends both being enthusiastic members of the North Wales Magic Circle, where Jay is currently president and the Prof is editor of the in-house magazine, The Griffin. They hope that this competition will raise awareness for the magic arts and the North Wales Magic Circle’s new youth group which started this month.

So I will be representing the North and the Welsh language at the same time. It would be great to have the support of my fellow Welsh speakers.

The competition for the Merlin Award will take place on the 25th of March in Carmarthen; if you are in the area come and see it, if not you can follow the event on the links below. Or if you know a younger person who is interested in learning some magic, go to the North Wales Magic Circle Website.

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