My New Favourite Review

When you book me for a birthday, christening, fete or any other kind of event, I always ask for a testimonial afterwards. And my wonderful, wonderful bookers are always generous in their praise. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, this review arrived the other day after a christening.

We booked the professor for the entertainment at my daughter’s christening. He was fantastic! There was a delay at the venue with the buffet and he kept the children entertained and busy. His show was great, really funny! The children absolutely loved it and ranged from babies to 8 years. The magic, jokes and balloons were brilliant. So glad we booked him and we will be booking again. Highly recommended.

Reading between the lines here, much as this describes what went on, I think it and the other reviews on my testimonials page are actually talking about the relief that their booking choice was a good one. What I do is less important than the peace of mind people get from a Professor Llusern booking.

Food for thought.  (and thank you Liz).

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