Midsummer 2020

It is Midsummer! The shortest night of the year tonight. When I was younger, we would climb to the top of a hill know as the Roman Camp in Bangor. There, under the weather eye of a woodsman, we would light a fire and sit from sunset until sunrise an hour or two later.

It was magical. And the following morning from our vantage point the sun would rise directly between the Great Orme and the headland (at least that’s how I rememberit and will thank you not to ruin that!) The firmament would turn a hundred hues of orange and gold, like molten iron.

Gwawr y Gogarth

Gwawr y Gogarth by CabbyJohn483

That is one of my fondest memories of Bangor and Midsummer, I hope you can create your own. Off you go.


The Orme in the Morning by Llandudno Pictures 

Gogarth yn y bore gan Llandudno Pictures

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