Falcyrïaid – Valkyries #WRUclusters

Mae Professor Llusern yn buddsoddi yn nyfodol rygbi Cymreig drwy noddi tîm clwstwr genethod dan 7 y Gogledd Ddwyrain, y  Falcyrïaid. Fe gwelwch enw Professor Llusern ar flaen y cit cyn bo hir!

Professor Llusern is investing in the future of Welsh rugby by sponsoring the North East cluster girls under 7s team, the Valkyries. Soon you will be seeing Professor Llusern’s name on the front of the kit! 35799323_10160432631025114_8790355955217858560_n (1)

#wru #WRUclusters #littlewarriors #rugbymagic

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