Seven Swans a-Swimming

Happy New Year’s Eve, and allow me to introduce you to what I’m reliably informed by my a German friend is a German tradition. In Britain every year we have the Morcambe and Wise Christmas Special despite the fact that both of those great individuals have gone to the great Music Hall in the Sky. When we first heard about this we did not believe the individual who told us about it and so Julia, for that was her name, had to bring a video, for it was that long ago, to a party, for that’s what we used to do. And to paraphrase Douglas Adams paraphrasing someone else, Germany is a foreign country, they do things exactly the same there. Here is a comedy sketch that is shown every New Year in Germany, who says the Germans have no sense of humour.

Oh, and the Swans? Here’s an excerpt from an article from the South Wales Evening Post. Full article here.

NAUGHTY FOOTBALL MASCOTS: Cyril the Swan is still loved by Swansea City football fans

By StuartTaylor  |  Posted: November 28, 2013

Cyril and Cybil

Cyril the Swan and Cybil

Comments (1) STUART TAYLOR takes a look at football’s Top Five naughtiest mascots.

1) CYRIL THE SWAN (Swansea City)

SWANSEA City mascot Cyril the Swan was once voted best loved mascot by readers of the BBC’s Match of the Day magazine but his antics have seen the 9ft swan in trouble with the law.

In years gone by Cyril’s over enthusiastic goal celebrations often led to fights landed him in trouble with the club, the FA and the police on several occasions.

In his bad swan days he was mainly  reprimanded for fighting with other mascots and stewards and in the past has been accused of bringing the game into disrepute.

In 1999, Cyril ruffled a few feathers at Norwich, especially those of assistant manager Ryan Hamilton and was fined £1,000 for running onto the pitch to celebrate a Swansea goal, which was followed by a two game ban after an altercation with a Norwich coach.

Life was never the same again for the Swansea City hero and the highlight of his troublesome antics include removing the head of Millwall mascot Zampa the Lion, and drop-kicking it along the stand.

On a Dutch TV documentary about Swansea City, when asked what he said to Zampa he replied “Don’t F with the Swans”.

The club was fined £1000 for the incident.

Among Cyril’s less known offences are throwing pork pies and assaulting a rival before a Mascot Grand National.

He became something of a star away from football and has appeared on the BBC National Lottery Draw from the Vetch Field; was  the pet of the Emperor of China, in a Christmas pantomime of Aladdin At Swansea’s Grand Theatre and was a star turn on ‘Night Fever’, the karaoke show on Channel 5, which led him to release a song called ‘Nice One Cyril’.

Cyril is still something of cult hero among the Jack Army but is now a reformed Swan since getting married.

Yes I did say married. He got hitched to his sweetheart Cybil on April 2, 2005 at the Vetch Field.

“She is the love of my life and has made the Swan I am today. All my antics are well and truly behind me. To be honest I couldn’t afford the fines,” said Cyril.

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