Five Gold Rings

Altogether now!

Fiiiive Gooo-ooold Riiiiings!

Today five rings or links to five sites I think you should know about!

  1. Hedgespoken! – What a project this is! A modern re-imagining of the old wondering players of Europe performing off the back of a cart! Instead of cart, read big green lorry. And in more good news, it’s fully funding and is happening. Come to North Wales soon!
  2. Effervescent – Doing some wonderful work down in the South West (You should have seen the Christmas Grotto!) I can’t pretent to understand what “Social Alchemy” means, it’s probably to do with the Youth and I am now too old. But all I know is it translates into some fantastic and and visually stunning theatrical events.
  3. Pilgrims and Posies is the name for a a living historian and musician and storyteller and polymath! Tom Hughes (and often his wife) do all sorts for all periods including organising the Minstrels Court in Chester every year, Wassailing and Guising and heaven knows what else. In a few days time, on the 3rd of January will be the Apple Tree Wassail, if you’re in the area why not call by for stories, songs and random acts of bird feeding.
  4. Punch and Judy online – is a wonderful resource for anyone on the great couple and also includes some colouring sheets for the children, information on the Big Grin as well as a potted history and background for you.

And finally

5. Portable North Pole – Here’s one for next year, get a free personalised video message from Father Christmas for your little ones. Available in English or French (if you’re that way inclined).  Have they made the naughty or nice list? You can pay extra for more options (I do) but the basic package is still free, so make the most of it.

 Crikey this was a long one, a shorter one tomorrow methinks.

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