Magic Lantern Slide of a Partridge or Ruffed Grouse

Below you will see the image of a magic lantern slide of a partridge or ruffed grouse drumming. This is unfortunately one instance to which the magic lantern image alone cannot do justice and to see and hear this in action I have to refer you all to all to this fascinating video below. Unfortuately before anyone gets airated the ruffed grouse is not actually a partridge, but is referred to as one frequently as the North American Bison is often referred to as a Buffalo. But this video was so beautiful I had to include it anyway. Happy Holidays

Oh and if anyone is still unhappy here is an English Partridge.

Obvious Sight Gag
English Partridge. Please Support Wikipedia

Which incidentally belongs to the sam family Phasianidae as your dinner today the Turkey, probably the original intent of the one in the pear tree. Enjoy.

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