The New Roster, part 4


Judy, or Siwan (Joan) to give her her Welsh moniker, is one half of Punch and Judy and therefore as vitally important to get right, probably more so, than anyone else in the pantheon with the exception of the big man himself. She is the ying to his yang, or should that be the other way around? Either way I took the decision to start at the same place with both of them and purchased two Kasperl puppets.


times 2

Although these two were essentially the same model or variety of puppet due to being handmade there were naturally subtle differences between them. I felt one had a softer, narrower face than the other, slightly the more feminine of the two. This then was to be the face of Judy, but this girl needed a makeover!


Very glam.


I approached her makeover not as a naturalistic thing, my Judy was beginning as a man in drag after all, so u decided to come at her rather as a pantomime dame. It is at least a field of makeup in which I actually have some personal experience! So top down I thickened and arched her eyebrows, gave her some lurid green eye-shadow, thickened and extended her eyelashes (girls gotta look good), added some glitter to her cheeks and the end of her nose to echo Mr P’s colourings, thickened and more



significantly outlined her lips and finally added not one but two beauty spots (making her twice as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe).

Then came the new do! I always had it in my head that she was a ginger, in the words of the song when it comes to getting a dirty job done. The big trip to Abakhan found us a lovely packet of angora wool of just the right shade of red and my own good lady stepped in to plait it for me.


Nice syrup


And from the back.

The outfit which can be seen in the above image is a Mrs Llusern original. It was I must say pared down from the original design which had underskirts and all sorts, I’ve no doubt it would have looked fantastic but who would have seen it in all its glory? The end result stands on its own in any case.


A true lady.

I was asked what kind of head gear I wanted for her. The choices were a mop cap or a bonnet, and I thought a bonnet might be a bit fussy for an old scrubber like Judy and besides it would hide too much of her lovely locks!

So there she stands in pinny and gown for all the world to see. I am immensely proud of her and of course Mrs Llusern, her official dresser and if I can only add one more thing, it is telling that she is the only one of the case who has not needed some running repairs so far. Clearly these women folk know how to look after themselves.

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