Like Me, in less than perfect condition.



Here is another story from the Arabian Nights, this time the less popular (at least in panto terms) of Sinbad the Sailor. Although in this case the slides seem to have been a victim of their own success. The muddy ring in the back of the image is not a mist or sludge, but rather damage from prolonged exposure to the heat of the lamp. Unfortunately all the slides in this series have suffered in the same way and are in no condition to compete with Harryhausen’s versions of the story anymore but are still interesting in their own right, if only as a curio to hear what was once a very popular story.

Panto time!

Here is a wonderful image from one of the most well preserved slide sets I own.


This is actually from Aladdin and in this image the genie (not a pleasant, blue, family friendly, Robin Williams) carries Aladdin through the air. There is a text to be recited to accompany this image, as is usually with story telling. It reads as follows;

Aladdin carried to Africa by the Genie – Aladdin rubbed the ring, and then commanded the genie of the ring to restore the palace, but this he said he could not do, that was in the power only of the genie of the lamp; all he could do was to take Aladdin to the place where the palace had been removed to, and this he quickly did.

As the most astute of you will have realised by now, that grammar of this was highly suspect. But who cares when the illustrations are so beautiful!