Professor Llusern’s End of the Pier Show

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, come one, come all to see the wonder of the age; in Professor Llusern’s End of the Pier Show.

Magic Lantern Wonder at the glories of the magic lantern;

A genuine 1914 electrical model from America, with authentic all colour slides and stories a hundred years old and older!

Meet genuine British icons;

In the marital strife of Punch and his good lady Judy. (The energy of the performance catered to your needs).


In a Victorian Magic Show, a mysterious and comic add on to any of the above.


Make a moving image (phenakistoscope) in our workshop, Operate Punch and Judy and see the workings of a booth, and activity sheets tailored to your need. Don’t be afraid to ask…

(Also available in Welsh or Bilingually).

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