Floor Plan for your Party

Floor Plan for your Party

  • After hundreds of parties every year we have gained some good ideas as to what works well for a party floor plan.
  • Here are some suggestions we have found useful;
  • You don’t need as much space as you might expect. A smaller space can be better than a large open one. See the diagram.
  • Set a row of chairs halfway down the hall and two more rows around the side (theatre style) for the parents to sit and enjoy the show with the children. See the diagram.
  • Please don’t put seats for parents anywhere other than where specified in the diagram as this can lead to talking which makes it more difficult for the children to enjoy the show.
  • “The Party Zone” is where the children will sit to enjoy the show and/or play the party games and so on. Chairs, blankets, mats and cushions are not necessary, and they can cause a trip hazard.
  • Professor Llusern will set up with his back to a wall.
  • Set your food tables near to the kitchen door to aid with serving at when the food comes out.
  • The “U” shape table works well for serving and can easily sit 30 -35 children (see picture).
  • Place a table near the entrance for the presents.
  • Be careful to keep fire exits clear.  floorplan

Tables in a “U” Shape


Row of chairs for for parents


You can download a pdf copy of this information here.