Punch and Judy

cropped-wpid-wp-1415461695422.jpegThe Traditional Punch and Judy, featuring the usual cast of characters.

  • Mr Punch (with the proper voice)wpid-img_20141116_182621.jpg

    A true lady.

    A true lady.

  • Judy
  • The Baby
  • Joey the Clownwpid-img_20141116_182524.jpg
  • PC Gonemad
  • Hector the Horse
  • Crocodile
  • Old Nick (the Devil)

plus occasional characters;

  • Father Christmaswpid-img_20141130_144329.jpg
  • Dragon
  • Old Mother Shipton
  • and more to come…

So as you can see the whole show is highly customisable, from the Traditional and macabre to more modern themed and calm. Contact me to find more possibilities.

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