Parties for Grown Ups over Zoom!

This is Your Life

Having a celebration during Lockdown? Let us help!.

Professor Llusern has been running online shows for schools and other organisations over Zoom and Teams during this difficult time. Now we are bringing that knowledge to you to help bring family and friends together to celebrate in uniquely tailored ways!
These are Professor Llusern’s Socially Distanced Parties for the Big People!

Trying to think how to celebrate 2 special birthdays during lockdown and a week before Christmas was a worry! Having come up with the “this is your life” idea secretly we asked Professor Llusern to run it. I was amazed at how easily and naturally the arrangements fell into place. Professor Llusern was in constant communication with the secret guests who were to take part and I had no cause to worry. We had a night to remember, completely unique. Professor Llusern’s presentation and communication meant that all at the celebration had a wonderful time! His knowledge and skills on Zoom are striking. We are so grateful to him for organising such a memorable event!


This is Your Life

Do you want a surprise for a special individual or couple? Do you want special guests to from their lives to make a surprise appearance? Why not let us retell the story of their lives from the Big Red Book!

This is a Premium Package where we go all out researching the life of the ones you are honouring. Contacting friends and family to find the best anecdotes and working together to make this a stress free event for you the booker..

Click here to weld a video of the spectrum of reactions. From tears to laughter!

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Murder Mystery

Want to be a detective? Or even better, one of the usual sudpects!?

A unique adventure for your family and friends, you can take part as you want! Want to get dressed up? Ready to be Miss Marple, Columbo or Hercule Poirot? With various scenarios available from 30s noir to the hayday of 70s rugby! .

We can present the suspects to you on video and guide you through the process or… is you brother in law a little shifty? Or has you r cousin always fancied herself as a femme fatale? We can provide the script and direction, the rest can be up to you!

There’s a trophy for the best detectives! Contact us for more information!

Quiz iz Your Life!

Are you quizers? In love with The Chase or House of Games? Want a celebration where it is you against the world in unique quiz show, tailored for you and your celebration?

We packed with enough personalised questions to make this feel like the whole evening is about you and yours!!

  • What were the components of the Cadbury’s Aztec bar, the best ever chocolate according to Grandad?
  • Who was Dave’s favourite angel from Charlie’s Angels?
  • Who was in goal when Maradona scored his infamous “Hand of God”?

And of course enough general knowledge to give everyone else a fighting chance!

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